Saturday, May 29, 2010

Solar Cells

I got a Brunton Solaris 12 from Leon today. It's a flexible solar array made with CIGS cells that puts out 12W (15.4V @800mA). Coincidentally, I was checking out the 26W version on Amazon today.

I bought an DC/AC inverter from Costco a few years ago. If I can locate it, I'm going to try out the panel to see how much power it puts out. 12W should be enough to charge cell phones and iPods. I checked my netbook's AC adapter and it outputs 12V @3.0A so the 12W cells probably won't be able to power the computer but it should charge the batteries at 1/3 the rate. Brunton also makes a large 56W solar array that can power regular notebooks but it's pretty expensive.


Leon mentioned this to me before... the Brunton solar arrays are actually made by Global Solar. Here's the 12W solar charger.

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