Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Apple Politics

I didn't see this until this morning, after I posted my rant against Steve Jobs. I guess it's not just the CEO but the entire company.

Ari David website
Apple Denies Political Free Speech

A few weeks ago I hired a company to create an I Phone Application for my congressional campaign. My designers told me when we started that Apple would take about two weeks to approve the app after they finished the design and coding. They submitted the app and then we waited and waited and waited. Recently the designers contacted Apple to find out what was taking so long. A couple days ago Apple responded and told us that they were rejecting the submission and told us that they were doing so on the grounds that content in the app is defamatory of my opponent, incumbent Henry Waxman.

I wonder if Apple reject all "political" iPad/iPhone application. This is the result of giving censorship power over media to one person/group/company. Are there any other ways to get iPad/iPhone apps on your device without going through the iTunes Store?

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Anonymous said...

you are taking some huge risks. criticizing the chinese government and Apple in the same blog. hope this doesn't end badly. both have fanatical supporters all over the internet. both are have huge cash resources (although the 1trillion in t-bills for the chinese government is slightly higher than apple's cash reserves). both can have authorities kick down your door and arrest you(of course you need to have been in possession of the latest iPhone). finally, both claim to deliver a better lifestyle for you if you just sit back and trust them.

don't fight it; they know what is best for you.

the more i think about the original break-out mac commercial back in 1984; the more i think that they could put Jobs face on the the monitor screen showing that un-named dictator ranting and raving.