Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crazy Drivers

I didn't see the beginning so I don't know what started this whole thing.

Driving north on Jamboree Road from Barranca to 5 Fwy.

Fun starts at 0:22 when idiot #1 (Lexus ES) starts slamming on his brakes. Idiot #2 (Toyota Camry) decides to go around me into lane #2 (to my left), and try to cut off idiot #1 at 0:55 but fails. Undaunted, she (yes I checked) tries again and succeeds at 1:12 then proceeds to slam on her brakes (excuse my laugh at 1:20). From my rear view mirror, I see idiot #1 try to pass her on the right shoulder and eventually exit on Walnut Avenue (2:11 in the video). Idiot #2 then accelerates and catches up to me just as the song ends at 2:50.

I got a speeding ticket about 2 months ago on the same stretch or road. Irvine Police should have been there today to throw both these idiots in jail, preferably in the same small, windowless cell.

Background music: Again & Again by 2PM.

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