Friday, May 21, 2010

Third Fake YouTube Account

I got strike #1 on my 2nd YouTube account for KBS America uploads. They flagged a video that I uploaded awhile ago so chances are they will find one of the other 232 videos in copyright violation. Unlike with the first account, I'll stop uploading but keep the current videos. Let see how long this account stays active and if there are additional video views.

Final Current statistics:
Account opened: March 24, 2010
Channel views: 17,400
Total upload views: 37,567
Subscribers: 412

I clicked on China and got the error message: "There is no viewing data for this video." Of course, YouTube is banned in China so you would expect zero views. Any illegal access would show up in the country where the VPN access is hosted. I should open an account on Youku or Tudou in China and upload stuff there. I'll bet a lot of videos get censored (or self-censored) there but since it's China, none of it from copyright infringement.


It's only been 30 minutes and I have 17 subscribers on the new account. Crazy. KBS America should figure out a good way to monetize on that demand instead of just flagging uploaded videos and suspending YouTube accounts.

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