Sunday, May 9, 2010

Calvary Church

A couple of weeks ago Tim invited me to his church. He attends Calvary Church of Santa Ana. I think I went there for a Twila Paris concert a long time ago but have never visited for Sunday service.

Calvary is a large church... kind of reminds me of Saddleback Church. They have many services on Sunday, even one in Mandarin. We went to the contemporary service and I knew most of the songs during worship. Tim did warn me that it was loud. We sat near the back and it really was LOUD. I'm a sound guy so I've received past complaints about mixing too loud; Calvary must have a great sound system to generate that much volume is such a large auditorium.

I enjoyed the service and the sermon was good, but I feel uncomfortable at these mega-churches. Every time I visit Saddleback, it feels like I'm attending a show. Even at NewSong Irvine, I felt like I was at a concert, even more so when I started helping out. It's weird walking around after service, surrounded by thousands of people, and not know anyone.

Like most churches, there were a lot of empty seats at the start of service. I think the pastor even made a comment about it.

Senior pastor and worship pastor(?). There was a special song at the end where they painted all over him.

Lobby after service. Most of the churches I've attended can fit their entire congregation in Calvary's lobby.

Special song and painting. I only caught the last part of the song on video.

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