Saturday, May 15, 2010

Engrish Wonder Girls

OK, I'm exaggerating a bit. The Wonder Girls just released an album with that includes a new single. The interesting bit is that it also includes some of their previous songs with English lyrics: So Hot, Tell Me, and Nobody. They actually sang the English version of Nobody at the 2010 KMF.

After listening to all their songs in Korean, they sound really weird in English. Since I don't understand Korean, I don't know if they created new lyrics to fit the meter of the song or tried to translate the Korean lyrics into English. I think it's the latter and that's why it's weird.


I started listening to J-pop/K-pop a lot when I got divorced. In my weakened mental state, I didn't want to listen to song lyrics since most are about falling in love or breaking up. K-pop was great since I could listen without understanding, and girl groups were cute to look at. I'm not even sure who I was listening to... probably just SES, BoA, and Koda Kumi.

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