Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Love Apple But I Hate Steve Jobs

Somebody at work asked me if I liked Apple. It's probably because I have an Apple sticker on my company-issued Dell notebook. My reply was that I really like their products and software but I hate Steve Jobs and the way they do business. I hate hypocrites... and to me, Steve Jobs, Google, and the CCP are all the same.

I saw this email exchange on the web, and here's Job's last response:

Does Jobs seriously expect everyone to believe that Apple locks down their HW/SW because of morality?! It's all business and the pursuit of profits. The main reason I hate Apple was their greed in making everything proprietary, which is the reason they have an insignificant market share in PCs today. Part of Apple's success/survival is that their users are also evangelists... me included. I try to get people to switch to Macs every chance I get but have a hard time because of high prices and the general lack of software.

Oh wait... am I allowed to criticize Apple? Do I have to be certified as a "creator" by Steve Jobs before I'm allowed to say anything bad about Apple? What an arrogant pompous ass.

Two thoughts about Jobs:
1. I think he should be in jail for backdating options that only benefited himself.
2. He's a slimebag for using his money to jump the queue and "buy" a liver.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, this is my favorite post. Jobs has become the orwellian leader featured in the original Mac commercial.

he and the chinese communist party have alot in common. fanatical supporters. and the success hides alot of the heavy-handedness that they dish out.

the most egregious thing about jobs is that he wants to design out porn. boooooooo!!!!!!!!