Tuesday, May 11, 2010

YouTube Sociology

Similar to Google Analytics, there's an Insight page on my YouTube account. Here you can get an analysis of people who visit your account and presumable watch videos you uploaded. On my 2nd KBS World upload account (first one received two strikes), right now it shows 387 subscribers and almost 30k video views.

Digging deeper on demographics, viewers are 88% female and the histogram looks like this:

Great, the majority of my viewers are teenage girls. I guess that's why I get a lot of requests for episodes of "Let's Go! Dream Team" since it's cast is mostly boy band members. I also got a lot of requests for the Happy Together episodes when Taecyeon of 2PM was a guest. Anyway, with those demographics, it was inevitable I get a message like this:
just want to ask

hello :)
Just want to ask why you are not uploading dream team episodes?
Sorry cause i'm just excited XD

What?! Seriously, my managers don't even ask me questions like this during my 15 years of work. I don't really watch that show so it's not high on my priority list of recording, ripping to a MPEG file, splitting into 10 minute segments, and uploading to YouTube. The profile of the sender says she's a 22 year old girl from the Philippines. Who knows if that's real... since it's a throwaway account, my YT account profile says I'm 31 years old.

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