Saturday, May 29, 2010

YouTube Badge

Woohoo! I got a little badge thingy on my YouTube account. Evidently, I'm the #75 most subscribed channel this week. Since I got strike #1 on my 2nd upload account, I posted a short video telling everyone to go to my 3rd upload account. Unfortunately, I got strike #1 on this account within 4 days and got 3 videos blocked. I'm trying to upload the same videos again and YouTube immediately flagged one of my videos (part 2 of Star Golden Bell episode 282). I'm not sure how it got flagged so fast... it must be an automated process. That means there is probably a song or a distinct/unique audio signature that's somehow matched. Sigh... I'm going to leave it but it probably means I'll get strike #2 or #3 soon.

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