Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls Concert

Arg... concert is next Saturday and I can't decide whether to go or not. There seems to be tickets left for the concert (general admission) and I can still get a round-trip ticket for $119. I also found a hotel practically next to the auditorium for $99. With VIP concert tickets plus taking BART to/from SFO airport, the entire trip will cost ~$400 including food and taxes. The only thing holding me back is that they're one of several performers so they will probably sing ~3 songs. If it was just BEG, I wouldn't hesitate.

Heh, for $150, I can get the VIP package to the Wonder Girls/2PM concert at the Anaheim House of Blues. That includes a meet and greet plus photo opportunity... too bad I just saw them (from far away) at the Hollywood Bowl. I've been to the Anaheim HoB and the venue is really small so you should be able to see them up close.

The JYP/2AM concert is also next weekend in LA. For $300, you can get VIP seats at the Wiltern Theater and meet them at an after-concert party.


As for BEG, I'll probably end up not going. I can spend the $400 on something I really need: a home media server to store more K-pop music videos! :)

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