Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goo Hara

I showed someone a clip of Invincible Youth and he thought Goo Hara was the prettiest out of the G7 girls. The show's nickname is G7 since it has 7 girls from different K-pop girl groups: SNSD, KARA, T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls, Secret, and 4Minute. Goo Hara is part of KARA.

The video is KARA performing one of their songs live. This show is unique since it has a camera focused on each group member. It gets a bit crazy when SNSD performs (9 members). I had to upload this to YouTube since I could only find SD versions. I'm not sure where I downloaded this HD version.

KARA is "famous" for their butt dance in their song Mister. Goo Hara is the skinny one with the (darker) red pants (2nd girl singing). I realize they're all kinda thin, especially by US standards, but she's really really skinny.


OK, this one should work... until my YouTube account is suspended.

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