Saturday, February 13, 2010

WLAN Dropouts

I'm having a weird problem with my wireless routers. When my parents moved back to California, I bought a 2nd Netgear wireless router to set up as a repeater so they can share my connection at the apartment. When we moved to the new house, I continued the same setup. For the past few days, devices connected to the repeater have dropped out at random. My Mac is connected the router via a cable so I can login to the router to see what devices are attached. Right now, I can only see my Mac, networked laser printer (cable), my netbook (wireless), and an old Dell connected to the TV downstairs. The other two computers and a networked inkjet printer does not appear. What's weird is that my Sony Vaio, which is right next to my Mac and router, can't seem to connect either. In fact, it doesn't even see any networks even though there are probably 30 wireless access points near our house. Strange. I should have ran a CAT-5 cable when our carpet was being replaced upstairs.

I just tried my cure-all PC solution (restart the computer) to see if it will fix the problem. :(


Well, my Sony Vaio is back on the network. The repeater is still not showing up though...

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