Friday, February 19, 2010

Mac Box Set

Sigh... despite all my complain', I ordered Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) for my Mac mini and it just arrived today. I got it through Amazon instead of Apple so it cost me $131. There are three discs in the small box: Snow Leopard, iLife, and iWorks. I have about 11GB free on my HDD... hopefully that is enough space. I probably should back up my HDD before I upgrade. These things are supposed to be simple but something always goes wrong. :(

On the plus side, I got two more white Apple stickers to stick on my WinTel machines.


Well, it took two tries and now it seems to be installing the new OS. The first time I tried to install, the system rebooted then spit out the install disc. I was sure it didn't install but I checked anyway and it was still v10.4.11. The second time the disc stayed in the drive and proceeded to boot. Hmm, right now it says 41 minutes left but it's been that way for about 5 minutes. At least the blue progress bar is moving.


Wow, I just realized I'm live-blogging an OS install. How lame is that. I need to redeem myself and post more K-pop stuff. :)


All done. Now I have v10.6. Much like installing Windows and endless service packs, now I have to install a bunch of Snow Leopard updates. Dang it. All I wanted was for my new cool Magic Mouse to work.

One weird thing... when I started the install, I had 10.67GB free. After the install, I have 14.08GB. I'm sure all these updates will eat into my free HDD space but it appears that Snow Leopard takes up less room than Tiger. Either that or I had gigabytes of temp files and other crap on my computer.

Okay, no more OS upgrade posts/updates...

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