Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mac OS X Upgrades

I just bought a Magic Mouse from Amazon but I guess I neglected to read the fine print. The mouse only works with Leopard OS and above (v10.5.8) while I'm still running Tiger (v10.4.11). I'm a bit disappointed in Apple. How hard can it be to write a driver for a mouse?? They probably kept it this way to force people to buy OS upgrades. I can't believe I'm saying this but Windows is "better"! I have three Windows versions running on computers at home (XP Home/Pro, Vista, Windows 7) and everything seems to work interchangeably.

It's not the $150 I have to shell out for Snow Leopard (v10.6.x). I have my Mac working fine now, though Firefox crashes all the time. Upgrading OS inevitable means hours and hours of troubleshooting and reinstalling software/drivers. Sigh... Though if I upgrade, I can run Google Chrome on my Mac instead of Firefox/Safari/Camino. Just kidding, I'm not using Camino.

So now I have a $70 mouse that doesn't scroll up and down. Should I spend another $150 on an OS upgrade? Maybe I can find someone (I think maybe my sister) with an older Mac mouse and trade.


Crap. "Mac Box Set" is $134 from Amazon. It's basically Snow Leopard with iWork'09 (don't want since I have MS Office 2008) and iLife'09 (nice but really don't care). Sigh... $134 for an OS upgrade when everything already works well as is, except for the Magic Mouse. And I bought it so I can scroll around without a trackwheel. :(

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Anonymous said...


i never thought you would say MSFT is better than MAC.

what's next? Chinese Communist party is the the best form of government?

you know my thoughts. CCP is the less worse of all other forms of government. as long as you don't cross the mafia that runs it.