Saturday, February 13, 2010

DVD Recorder

When we got cable at our new house, I opted out of getting a DVR. Instead, I spent ~$150 and bought a DVD recorder from Amazon. I got the Toshiba DR570 which includes a TV tuner so I can use it in my office to watch TV on my LCD monitors. Anyway, I've been test recording some stuff from KBS World and I thought about posting some stuff to YouTube since the shows include subtitles.

I'm not sure how the other people upload so fast. In my case, I have to take the recorded DVDs and rip it to AVI/MP4 files. I did a test from a recording of Invincible Youth that was on last night.

The 10 minute segment (YouTube max) took about 7 minutes and the resulting AVI file was ~70MB. This was easy since it was the beginning of the show... not sure how I can keep ripping 10 minute segments while excluding commercials. Maybe other uploaders pulled their files off a DVR or an online subscription.


Leon, I bought a 10-pack of DVD+RW for my DVD recorder. Maybe that will help PMI's old business. :)

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