Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh! Week 2

Oh! - SNSD
Live performance on Music Core [2010-02-06]

No dead air at the end this time. When SNSD debuted about 2 1/2 years ago, they seemed to wear the same stage outfit during every performance. Now each performance of each song requires a different costume and stage background. SM probably has several dedicated wardrobe people following SNSD around to all their scheduled events. It must also take forever to tape each music show each week if they have to change sets between each song. K-pop is hard work!

I read in a news article that their wardrobe costs for 2009 was around 1 billion Won or about $860k. That's almost $100k per girl! I wonder how much SM charges for each event and how much trickles down to each girl. They must also need a warehouse to store all that clothing unless stuff gets donated after each promotion. Not sure how useful this costume is off-stage... maybe during Hallowe'en.

Into the New World - SNSD
Debut performance (lip sync'ed) on Inkigayo [2007-08-05]

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