Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kim Yuna

I'm not much of a figure skating fan but since I was testing out my new toy (USB TV tuner), I recorded part of NBC's winter Olympics broadcast of women's figure skating. I caught the short program for Mao Asada and Kim Yuna. The clip was about 12 minutes total and took up ~1.3GB on my hard drive. I'm encoding Kim Yuna's performance using Windows Movie Maker and will try to upload to YouTube later... it's taking about 45 minutes to encode.

Here's a video of her singing along with Taeyeon of SNSD. She's the second one to sing... not too shabby.

See, I can tie in K-pop to almost any post. :)


This web video publishing thing is tough. My computer finished encoding the file and the result is a 370MB WMV file. I'm trying to upload to YouTube and it will take about an hour. Maybe I should have lowered the video resolution.


Dang! It took two tries to upload and immediately it gave me a copyright warning. All that processing must include some video and/or audio matching algorithm. Don't want to get strike three on a figure skating video so I'll try to get it below 100MB and upload it directly to Blogger.


I give up. I'll wait until someone else more technical to upload and I'll just link to it. :(

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