Friday, February 19, 2010

Electricity Usage

I checked the meter today and we've used 205 kWh in 8 days which is more than my last month's bill. We have two refrigerators at the new house: the new Samsung one and my old Frigidaire. Together they're rates at slightly over 1000 kWh annually or about 1/3 of our Tier 1 baseline.

Anyway, I think the big users of electricity is all the AV stuff we have. I remember reading that my Vizio TV is ~350W and having 4 stereo systems probably doesn't help. My dad has been busy changing as many incandescent lights to CF bulbs and removing some bulbs from multi-bulb fixtures. I'm not sure how much it will help but the house is now dimly lit.

BTW, that 25 MW mini nuclear reactor I linked to costs $50 million or $2/watt which makes it more expensive than solar. Hmm...

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hogsman said...

yeah, having 15 computers probably doesn't help, either (only slightly exaggerating)