Saturday, March 20, 2010

Portland Trip for Addie's 3rd Birthday

I went up to Portland last weekend for Addie's birthday party and to do maintenance on all my sister's computers at her house. I left Friday morning and flew back on Tuesday morning and went straight to work. Most of my time was spent configuring a new iMac with both OS X and Windows (using Parallels), reinstalling Vista on another laptop, and enable file sharing across 3-4 computers. Good thing I did this at my house before since it was a bit confusing.

Some pictures:

Red TriMet train at PDX. Since my sister was in a meeting when I arrived, I took the train to her office in downtown Portland. The fare was $2.30 and it took about 45 minutes. This is one of the newer, more aerodynamic trains but it didn't go any faster than the old trains. My sister and Rebecca have lived in Portland for 5+ years and they've never been on the train... this is my 2nd time.

Portland city hall. Not very impressive.

Signage for a Chinese restaurant in Portland. I've always wanted to take a picture but the sign was a bit crappy before. This is a newly replaced sign with much higher visibility. Sigh...

Rose Center. This is where the Portland Trailblazers play basketball (NBA). I only remember Clive Drexler but I think he's long retired.

Cupcakes! For my niece's birthday party, Rebecca got cupcakes instead of a regular cake. The store is called Saint Cupcake and they make them fresh all day.

We got 36 cupcakes (12 large/24 small). They were really good. $62.

The party was at a bouncy house place. My sister rented out the entire place for 2 hours. One of the inflatable things was a huge firetruck with a 2 story slide. Here is my 15 month niece going down. I think she liked it.

Only 3 other families showed up and all of them were boys.

One of the "activities" was airbrush tattoos. I think Addie got 5 or 6 of them... kinda like Kat Von D.


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Anonymous said...

too bad the sign didn't read
"hung very low"; but then again
it is a chinese restaurant...