Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 KMF

It's time for another Korean Music Festival.

It was pretty cool last year but I was a bit disappointed. I know it's a Korean event but if you're going to hold it in the US, chances are not everyone speaks Korean. When the MCs talk, it would be nice to have a summarized translation at the end or subtitles on the screen, like they have at operas.

Anyway, they've announced some of the artists already. The ones I know so far are:

- Wonder Girls (Sun Mi left so they have a new member)
- 2PM
- Kim Jong-Kook (I bought one of his albums before)
- KARA (Nicole will be one of the MCs)

I'm surprised Nicole will be a MC since her Korean is not so good (she's from Glendale). Maybe she will speak English instead.

Last year, I spent $150 on two tickets in the Terrace boxes for seats that were $150 each. The list price on those seats are the same again this year. To see anything, you have to get real close which means more $$$.

돌아올지도 몰라 - 2PM

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Anonymous said...

count me in. the anonymous poster that doesn't capitalize at the beginning of a sentence and doesn't have a name that sounds like a girl.

maybe we can get tickets in the front row and do high fives like those guys that got a upskirt video.