Friday, March 5, 2010

Equipment Malfunction

Hmm, her voice comes through the sound system pretty clear so she's probably lip-syncing. I thought that was illegal in China now after the Olympics fiasco.


Oops, I just realized the video is kinda small. Here's the original. I re-uploaded it since the original video was hosted in China and slow to load. In case you still don't see it, the microphone is held backwards, i.e. she's singing into the antenna. Most of these vocal microphones have a hypercardioid pickup pattern so you shouldn't be able to hear her that much... thus the suspicion that she's lip-syncing. Pretty embarrassing.

As a sound geek, I wonder what she was using for monitors. I don't see in-ear headphones and if there were floor monitor speakers, there would be a lot of feedback with the microphone pointed like that.

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