Monday, March 22, 2010

China's Propaganda Machine "In Action"

I really don't get it. Who is their target audience for statements like this? Their own population? Western conspiracy theory enthusiasts? Shameless.

BBC News
China denounces Google 'US ties'

China's state media has attacked Google for having what it said were "intricate ties" with the US government.

Google provides US intelligence agencies with a record of its search engine results, the state-run news agency Xinhua said.

It also accused Google of trying to change Chinese society by imposing American values on it.

Google denied that it was influenced by the US government, a spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying by AP.

"Google's high-level officials have intricate ties with the US government. It is also an open secret that some security experts in the Pentagon are from Google", reporters from Xinhua wrote in a commentary.

The attack comes as Google prepares to announce whether it will pull out of China because of internet censorship there.

Don't they see the irony of a "state-run news agency" complaining about Google's "intricate ties" with the US Government? Seriously. Maybe the CCP leadership believes their own propaganda so much that they don't have a clue about democracy. By calling senior management at a private company "high-level officials", it reflects a world view where all important positions are appointed by the government. Everything in China is "intricately tied" to the CCP and any perceived dissent is not tolerated. Therefore, if someone says anything negative about China, they must be agent of the US government or part of some global anti-China movement. I guess you're not allowed to have private opinions in China.

Being a US Citizen, I think I can get a job at the Pentagon/NSA/CIA if I really wanted to. Does that mean every company I've worked for in the past is now "intricately tied" to the US Government? Ridiculous.

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