Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Day, Another OS Install

I seem to be doing a lot of these lately...

My mom's old computer has a lot of problems. When they moved back to California, instead of fixing it again, I bought her a new Dell laptop. Since then, I've been using the old Inspiron 600m on my LCD TV as a media player. However, due to whatever problem was there before, the computer runs really slow and crashes a lot. This morning, I copied off all the personal files on to a USB drive and now I'm going to reinstall the OS.

Hmm, the first step is to find the recovery disks. Not sure where they are... I have discs from newer Dell computers but not sure if they will work. Hopefully after the reinstall, it will run fast enough to stream movies via wireless.


I found a Recovery CD app on the old Dell. Now it's unpacking and burning a CD for me. I think I'll just install Google Chrome and XBMC and nothing else on this computer.


Hey, even better idea... I'm going to try and install Snow Leopard on the Dell notebook. This will probably be a complete waste of time but what the heck.


OK, none of the three different guides I tried seems to work. Maybe I have the wrong OS X DVD. I'm back to trying to restore the original Windows XP OS now.


The recovery disc creator kept giving me a CD burn error. After 4 CDs, I decided to give up and go with a mystery Dell OS disc. It turned out to be Win XP Media Center SP2 from 2005. That installed okay but did not include any drivers for the Inspiron 600m. I have to go to the Dell website to install a whole bunch of drivers. In addition, Windows is trying to install SP3 and about a million security updates.

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