Friday, March 5, 2010

Jobs in Asia

A co-worker, who actually quit last year and came back as a contractor, is close to closing a job offer in Taiwan. Interestingly, it's an internal job that I found for him on our website. Since he was going to look for a job in Taiwan anyway, this works out perfectly.

I feel a bit jealous... not for the actual position since I don't have any marketing experience and my Chinese is probably not good enough for work purposes. I think it's because I'm bored at work and this is something new and sounds pretty exciting. A good friend from UCLA has been teaching English in China for the past 15 years; I'm planning to go see him this May to check out what he's doing. I've also thought about taking a LOA/sabbatical from work but who knows if they'll take me back afterward... though for sure I'll lose my current FP&A job.

Of course, if I really want to go to China, I can probably go work for PMI in Chengdu for zero salary.

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Anonymous said...


what do you mean 0 salary?

plus freshly cooked chuang-tsai and option to stay in our luxurious dormitory.

there is a new guard dog too.