Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PDX in the Morning

I was up at 5am this morning to catch my flight from PDX to SNA. Right now I'm at gate C4 waiting... if the flight leaves on time, I should be at work ~10am. I watched "Up In The Air" this weekend; the part where he gives traveling advise was pretty funny.

Oops... boarding time.


hogsman said...

i watched "up in the air" last weekend, too -- it was good, but not at all what i expected. does aa really have a 10MM-mile club? with a dedicated phone #?

totochi said...

I dunno... I was doing the math. He said at one point that he flew 350,000(?) miles last year. If that's average, then it would have taken him 30 years to fly 10M miles. I'm also not sure if you can fly that many miles domestic in a year and have it makes sense economically for a company. I know it's a movie but the numbers are a bit hard to believe.