Friday, March 5, 2010

Fighting the Japanese

The government must immediately invest some of its new wealth in ensuring that children take regular exercise, Beijing Sports University president Yang Hua told the sports group of the largely ceremonial advisory body to China's annual parliament.

"It is time for the Chinese nation to improve the physical fitness of our next generation," said Yang. "If we miss the next three to five years a whole generation will be next to useless.

"If there was another war against Japan, would the younger Chinese be able to fight the Japanese one-on-one?

Granted, this is some guy in the CPPCC, which only "advises" the NPC. There seems to be a lot of wacko ideas that come out of the CPPCC each time they convene. Why the focus on the Japanese anyway? My bet for the next war with China will either be with Taiwan or USA (or both).

IIRC, the Chinese weren't all that ready to fight the Japanese the last time during the Sino-Japanese War/WW2. The US and Allies had to help defend China and still they got their asses kicked for many years. I'm not questioning the heroics or the patriotism of those that fought... my grandfather was in the Nationalist Air Force. However, the Japanese (initially) were better trained and equipped. Exercise for kids probably won't make much difference. Isn't that what boot camp and military training is for?

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Anonymous said...

we wouldn't need to fight them one-on-one. we out-number them 9:1 and Japan has one of the highest average age. i'm sure 9 out-of-shape guys can take on one Japanese invader. but there would be no need since Japan would never invade; unless CCP has other ideas and wants to invade.....