Friday, March 12, 2010

Visiting PDX

I'm up in Portland again this weekend visiting my sister's family. They're having a b-day party for my niece and I was invited... they also needed me to buy, setup, and repair some computers.

Since my sister had a meeting during my arrival time, I decided to take the TriMet train from PDX airport to her office in Central Portland. The fare was only $2.30 but the trains were really slow, not like the Hong Kong Airport Express at all. I also had to switch trains once and it was freezing cold outside. Right after leaving her office, we went to Washington Square (mall) to buy some shirts for me (using Christmas present return credit) and a new iMac for them. I bought a Tommy Bahama shirt at Macy's that had a regular price of $138! Wow, I thought it was handmade by Tommy himself. Fortunately, it was on sale and we had a 20% discount card... still, it was pretty expensive.

At the Apple Store, my sister ended up buying the cheapest iMac, which was still $1199. Since she bought me along, I got to use my work discount and saved her ~$100 on the total purchase. Other than dinner, I've spent most of the evening setting up a new 802.11g router and the new iMac. I'm actually typing up this post on the iMac. It's pretty cool and the 1920x1080 display is really nice. I want to get one as well but I already have too many computers at home. My sister is getting there... they have 5 computers for two adults.

Tomorrow it the birthday party at a inflatable bouncy place so I probably should get some rest. I'm actually more worried about fixing a HP computer that has Windows Vista but is acting up. I'm probably going to try and install Windows XP Professional instead.

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