Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twitter and K-pop

I think I mentioned before that I signed up for Twitter a long time ago. I don't really use it since it feels a bit presumptuous to think that people really care what I'm doing every 15 minutes. OK, the real reason is that since I'm kinda old, none of my friends are online that much, unlike the current generation of kids who seem to be texting all the time.

Anyway, I found a webpage that lists Twitter accounts for K-pop idols and Korean celebrities in general. BTW, gasoo (가수) just means "singer" in Korean.

Nicole (KARA)
Hara (KARA)
Gyuri (KARA)
Tablo (Epik High)
Jo Kwan (2AM)

These are the one's I'm "following" so far. "Following" is in scary quotes because most of their tweets are in Korean/Hangul though a few speak English fluently (Nicole and Tablo). However, since tweets are limited in length (140 characters), hopefully the messages are simple so I can try using Google Translate and maybe learn some Korean.

BTW, in case my anonymous friend reads this post, Hara is the really skinny one in KARA.


Hmm, or maybe not on the learning Korean bit. I put in one of Hara's tweets (오늘하라구는뭐하고있을까용) into Google Translate and got this: Ohneulharaguneunmwohagoiteulkkayong, which obviously doesn't mean anything; it just romanization of the Hangul characters. I think because the messages are so short, people use slang and drop spaces. This will no doubt confuse machine translators. I tried adding random spaces between characters and got different translations. Also, characters 3 through 5 is her name in Hangul which probably gets translated into something else. :(

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Anonymous said...

we barely get one post/day on random thoughts. your readers are eagerly awaiting your every move.

maybe you can find out the real waist size of the skinny one.

i feel reading the twitter feeds feels kind of like stalking but they are voluntarily posting the tweets.