Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anti-homeless Benches in Chengdu

I saw the translated article on ChinaHush; here is the original from Sichuan Online. Homelessness is a pretty widespread problem. In the US though, there are a lot of government and private groups organized to help them. I'm not sure if this is the case in China... I've never seen (though I haven't really looked) a homeless shelter in Chengdu. I guess it's easier to go after the symptoms (homeless sleeping on bus benches) than the cause (no social support for homeless people).

The article says these benches are on the newly renovated sections of Renmin South Road. It also says many people are complaining because they are uncomfortable and hardly anyone sits on them. They look like they would be really uncomfortable in the summer, especially under direct sunlight... oh wait, the sun hardly ever comes out in Chengdu due to the smog/haze so I guess it's ok.

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Anonymous said...

i haven't seen too many homeless in chengdu. it's weird; i have seen more in tokyo.

most likely they are swept under the rug somewhere sight unseen.