Friday, March 5, 2010

Korean Language Lessons

I've bought a few books and checked out stuff online but without structured classes, I'm getting nowhere on learning Korean. Unlike Chinese or Japanese, there are very few junior colleges offering Korean classes. I looked online and found Language Door but they're expensive and got pretty reviews. The Korean Cultural Center has a language program that looked pretty good but it's on Tuesday nights near mid-Wilshire in LA, which is probably a 2 hour drive from work. UCI also has a good program but it's during the day and I think it's for "real" students only.

Saddleback College is probably the only local college offering classes at night. I think I checked out the schedule before but the classes were down in Mission Viejo. Now it looks like they've moved their Korean classes to a new learning center on the old Tustin Marine Air Base which is only 10 minutes from work. That may be an option for next Fall semester though the class is two nights per week and seems like a lot of work.

There is a Korean co-worker that wants to learn Chinese. I guess we can teach each other but her Korean is probably way better than my Chinese. If she doesn't mind talking like a six year old, then we can maybe work something out during lunchtime.


hogsman said...

seems to me that few korean language classes are offered to the general public because koreans don't really care to include non-koreans in their culture. imho, most asian cultures are fairly insular, but more so for koreans.

totochi said...

Perhaps... it could also be just supply and demand. People are more interested in learning Japanese and now Chinese.