Tuesday, March 23, 2010

20 Inch Waist

Blogging is a lot like standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and yelling out random facts. You're not sure if anyone is out there listening but occasionally you hear something back that's not an echo.

Anyway, how skinny is skinny? There were rumors that Hara has a 20-inch waist. That seems awfully small so for comparison, I measured my thigh and it was ~23 inches. Can you fit a stomach, liver, some intestines, and other miscellaneous organs in such a small area volume?

From this article at allkpop, she says her waist is slightly less than 21 inches.
Goo Hara’s Shocking Waist Measurements Revealed!

KARA’s Goo Hara has recently grabbed the interest of netizens with her impressive 20 inch (~51 cm) waistline.

Ever since the release of their album Revolution, KARA has recently been performing ‘Mister‘ while wearing belly shirts, and Goo Hara especially has been a hot topic among netizens for her tiny ‘ant-waist’.

KARA’s representatives stated, ‘Due to her very small body and thin bones, Hara looks very skinny. She has always had a skinny waist, but the group’s recent diet for their comeback and their busy schedules further reduced her waist. Recent measurements have shown that she has a waistline of just a little less than 21 inches.’

Hara also recently stated shyly, ‘I can’t gain much weight because I have such a busy schedule. Fans often call me ant-waist. It’s a bit embarrassing at times.’

I think she needs to eat more Korean BBQ. I'm willing to treat at my favorite place in Garden Grove (Morangak) in May when KARA comes to LA to perform at the 8th Korea Music Festival. In fact, I'll pay for all 5 of them since they all look like they need to eat more. :)

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