Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PS3 Games

I bought several PS3 games in rapid succession and now I need to find time to try them out.

I've actually played this one a lot and finished the game using one out of the 4 character classes. It was pretty good at the beginning but got a but dull after awhile. There are 3 DLCs for it so I may buy one to make it interesting again. [8.8]

This is a pretty cool game. I had downloaded the demo but waited a long time to buy it. I'm only several levels into the game so far. [9.5]

I'm about 80% done. The cinematics and graphics are amazing. The game reminds me a lot of Tomb Raider except you're a guy so no pointy Lara Croft breasts... the graphics/polygon count on the original TR wasn't that great. [9.5]

That's right... I bought the old one. Modern Warfare 2 is out but I read that the single player campaign was really really really short. The action is all in the multiplayer mode. I've played a lot of CounterStrike and I always get my ass kicked. Now I'm 5 years older, I doubt my reflexes are good enough to keep up with kids less than half my age. Sigh... I just started the game last night and I think I got motion sickness already. [9.4]

This one is still in the wrapper. I didn't even know about this game until I heard it from Elim. He has it for the PC and highly recommended that I buy it. Maybe I'll try it out tonight since I'm too depressed to start my tax returns. [9.3]

Here is a list of my other PS3 games if anyone wants to borrow them... although I don't think any of my 3 or 4 readers own a PS3.

- Gran Turismo 5 Prologue [8.5]
- Grand Theft Auto IV [10.0]
- Metal Gear Solid 4 [10.0]
- Dirt 2 [8.4]
- Resistance 2 [9.5]
- Fallout 3 [9.4]
- Katamari Forever [7.0]
- inFamous [9.2] (checked out)

The [x.x] numbers are review scores from IGN. At $60 per game, I usually wait for a few reviews to come in and for the price to drop. Most scored 9+ with the two driving games at 8.x. The Katamari game did not review well but I have two previous version on the PS2 and loved it.

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Louise said...

How do you know you have 3 or 4 readers? Well, I don't own a PS3 anyway....