Monday, February 16, 2009

Star Golden Bell

Star Golden Bell is a Korean variety show on KBS. Basically, the show has 3 MC's and 20 celebrity guests that play games to win money for charity. As with many Korean TV shows, I would need to wait until someone translated and subtitled the episodes before watching. For SGB, KBS has been broadcasting recent episodes with English subtitles. I found a site that has several episodes uploaded to Google Video.

One of the segment on the show is called "Level with Me" where a guest MC would give clues and the celebrity guests would try to guess the word/phrase/movie title. For a long time, they had an 11 year old kid give clues from a child's perspective. More recently, they have Nicole Jung of KARA as the clue giver. What makes this funny is that she was born in Korea but grew up in the U.S. and did not go back to Korea until recently. Therefore, her Korean language skills and understanding of recent Korean culture is a bit lacking.

In this episode, one of the guests is Park Jaebeom of 2PM. He is in the same situation as Nicole, having moved to Korea recently from an English speaking country (not sure which one). The game starts around 13 minutes into the video and continues at the beginning of the next video. Funny stuff.

Sometime when both Leon and I are in China, we would speak Mandarin to each other for the benefit of other people in the room. I think we would do a lot worse if we had to play this game with Chinese proverbs.


Anonymous said...

I don't speak Korean but I'm trying to learn so the "Level With Me" (LWM) segment with Nicole has been a favorite with me -- whether it's English subbed or not.

I had heard that Nicole had been born in Korea and raised here in the US but it turns out she was both born and raised here. She said on her first LWM assignment that her Grandmother taught her the basics of Korean but, basically, she's been speaking Korean for only 3 years (as of Dec 2008).

Oh, and while it hasn't been revealed which English-speaking country JaeBoem lived in, he spoke enuf in Ep 244 (07.04.2009) that I'm sure it was a North American country (not Mexico!).

Anonymous said...

Jae's from Seattle, isn't he ? Or at least a town nearby, because that's what he said in LSHT.

Nicole's Level With Me segment is always funny, subbed or not. XD

Anonymous said...

From Seattle? Cool. I live in Seattle. Maybe I tripped over him while he was growing up. Maybe, I was nice to him and he'll always think back fondly on it.