Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wireless Mic Problems

Ah, this is turning into an all K-pop blog. :)

This is Baek Ji Young (백지영) performing 입술을 주고 (Give You Lips). She has a great voice.

The problem starts right away. You can hear loud popping noises from her lavalier microphone. I'm pretty sure she can hear it too since she's wearing in-ear monitors. This goes on for about half-a-minute until a crew member runs up and hands her a handheld mic at 0:31. From hands-on experience, my guess is that the battery in the wireless transmitter pack ran out. It uses 2 AA batteries and even with alkalines, the battery life is only a few hours. There were several occasions when I had to run on-stage at NewSong to hand the speaker our wireless handheld. I'm stingy with batteries so sometimes I try to squeeze in another service using the existing set already in the wireless transmitter for the lavalier mic. There is a battery level meter on the transmitter's LCD display but it's not that accurate. With so many performers, I don't know how they coordinate all the mic levels and monitor mixes... can't imagine how many batteries they must go through. Hopefully they're using rechargeable batteries, otherwise Al Gore is going to be pissed.

I still can't believe she's coming to LA to do a concert while I'm in China. I have all seven of her albums. :(

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