Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gee - Robot Version

Awesome! That's putting your robot research grant money to use... meeting SNSD girls. :)

At 1:55 into the video, as the red robot is doing a head spin, the screen caption says 헤드 스핀! I think that's just the English words "head spin" written out phonetically in Hangul, kinda like 호텔 캘리포니아 for Hotel California. They also say 로봇 for robot (or lobot in Engrish); I wonder if that means anything to a Korean person that has never seen a robot before. In Chinese, robot translates to 機器人 which literally means machine (機器) man (人). I guess it's all the same in the end since a Korean dictionary defines 로봇 as 인조인간 which means synthetic human. It's just interesting that a new "word" is created in Korean.


Partially off-topic... we went to eat Korean BBQ last night in Torrance. As we were leaving the restaurant, they were playing "Gee" on the stereo. Sometimes at Mitsuwa (Japanese supermarket), I would recognize J-pop songs playing over the PA system (they like Koda Kumi).

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