Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ingram Micro

I took this picture on Monday, December 29th in the morning as my flight was landing at John Wayne Airport; I was flying in from Portland after visiting my sister. The white buildings in the middle of the photo surrounded by parking lots are the 1600 and 1610 buildings of Ingram Micro. The 1700 building is to the right. I worked there for about 5 years after business school.

The parking lot is fairly empty because they forced people to take vacation during that week to save on expenses for Q4. Otherwise, the parking lot would be pretty full at 10:30am.


Darryl said...

Not uncommon last year... In fact during lunch last week, one of my friend mentioned some companies took the opportunity to force a shutdown the week of President's Day!

totochi said...

We talked about doing the same thing but decided against it. Good thing since I need my vacation for a trip to China next month. :)