Friday, February 20, 2009

Costco Shopping

I went to Costco after work to buy TurboTax. I forgot whether I had a coupon so I didn't end up buying it. However, I spent >$100 on other stuff that I wasn't even planning on buying. I think this is pretty common for me and Costco trips.

I spent $15 on these cable organization things. I usually don't care about neatness and stuff but there are a few things that bother me a lot:

1. There can be only one space after a period.
2. The width of all columns in an Excel sheet have to be an integer.
3. Excess cable needs to be wrapped/zip-tied neatly.

The cable organizers look like gray breasts. A rubber cap flips open so you can wrap cables and cords then flips back to cover it. Awesome!

I also bought some NiMH rechargeable batteries. I have two wireless keyboards and 4 wireless mouses (mice?) that burns through a lot of AA batteries. I could have bought 48 AA batteries for $11 but ended up spending $28 on 8 AA/2 AAA plus charger. This will offset some of my 4Runner's carbon footprint. :)


Cable situation under my desk...

and behind my Mac (hmm, I need to dust more often)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great the only exposed breastes that you show on your blog are gray ones used to organize cables.

maybe the manufacturer thought that this design would sell like hotcakes to their core demographic base (guys shopping at Fry's Electronics).