Saturday, February 21, 2009


Some photos of Europe from a trip back during the summer of 1999. They were taken with a film camera; I scanned these in this morning.

Tower Bridge (not London Bridge)

Big Ben. It was raining the whole day so I'm not sure how the sky came out so nice in the photo.

Buckingham Palace. We arrived just after the royal family moved to Windsor Castle so we were able to tour the palace.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

The glass pyramid at The Louvre

Monet's garden. This is a real photo, not a postcard.

Gladiator! Gladiator! Gladiator!

St. Peter's Square in Rome Vatican City

Florence skyline. There are no tall buildings except for the Duomo.

I scanned in only the scenery shots and left out all the photos with people.

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