Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girls' Generation

That's only the first half of the song.

난 아직 어리다고 말하던 얄미운 욕심쟁이가
오늘은 웬일인지 사랑해 하며 키스해 주었네

얼굴은 빨개지고 놀란 눈은 커다래지고
떨리는 내 입술은 파란 빛깔 파도 같아

너무 놀라버린 나는 아무 말도 하지 못하고
화를 낼까 웃어버릴까 생각하다가

어리다고 놀리지 말아요 수줍어서 말도 못하고
어리다고 놀리지 말아요 스쳐가는 얘기뿐인걸

I checked a couple of performance videos (I have more than one!) and the lyrics are slightly different on each version. Google Translate was also having problems with a few phrases. I tried a different translator and got this for the fourth "paragraph" above:
That is young, does not tease stops shily,
also not to be able that is young,
will not tease and to graze will be only a talk and will hang

Sigh... at least they're pretty to look at.

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