Saturday, February 28, 2009


I found this website where they try to match up people learning new languages with native speakers. In your profile, you select what languages you are learning as well as any languages with native- speaker fluency. You can then search the database for members who can help you learn and vice versa. In addition, you need to have a Skype account since the goal is to match up with a partner and practice over voice chat. I signed up and my profile says I'm learning Korean. In return, I claim native-speaker fluency in Mandarin(!) and English. Searching the database, I noticed the largest group are Mandarin speakers looking to learn English.

Anyway, early this morning at 5am, I got a Skype call from someone with a Korean name. I checked Mixxer and it's someone that just created a profile on the website. I'm a bit wary about calling him back since my Korean is so lame (hello, thank you, goodbye) that we'll probably have to speak English the whole time. Hmm, I hope he's looking to learn English and not Mandarin. I was going to put that I need to practice Mandarin but I should probably just talk to my parents or Leon for that.

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