Monday, October 26, 2009

DC/NYC Trip, Home Finally

Arg, I just got home after being on the road for 24 hours. Here's my "itinerary" since 3am (Pacific Time) this morning:

Get up, drive from DC to NYC (5 hours)
Drive/walk around NYC (3 hours)
Waiting for non-existent subway train (1 hour)
Subway/taxi ride to JFK (1.5 hours)
JFK to DFW (4 hours)
DFW layover (2 hours)
DFW delay (3 hours)
DFW to SNA LAX (3 hours)
LAX to SNA by bus then home (1.5 hours)

I'm going to take a shower and sleep... need to get up in ~3 hours to go to jury duty at Santa Ana.

BTW, I did meet someone "famous" on the plane. I thought the tattoo lady had too many tattoos for a "regular" person. It turned out she is Kat Von D, the tattoo artist on LA Ink. On a hunch, I googled LA Ink and recognized one of the tattoos on her arm that I saw on the flight from LAX to IAD. Cool... maybe she will remember me and give me a discount when I go to her shop for a tattoo!

Katherine Von Drachenberg, aka Kat Von D

I recognized the tattoo on her upper right arm plus some stuff on her hands. She looked like this in real life (makeup and all) but a bit skinnier.

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