Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm flying out to DC tomorrow night on a redeye flight from LAX to IAD (Dulles) to meet up with James and Elim. They've been out on the East Coast since Monday. It's a bit inconvenient since there are no overnight flights out of SNA or into DCA (Reagan). Dulles Airport is way outside of Washington DC so I have to take a bus (route 5A) into town. James and Elim are driving in from Pennsylvania so we'll probably meet up around noon at our hotel. Since I'm using my AA miles for tickets and it looks like I won't travel to Canada anymore, I splurged and got first class seats on the redeye flight to DC for 25k miles. On the way back, we're leaving from JFK and I have to stop in Dallas before flying in to SNA.

We planned this awhile back but it looks like it will rain both days (Fri/Sat) in DC. I guess we'll hang out inside the galleries and museums instead of outdoors. I was telling them that even though I've never been to DC, a lot of the metro stations and buildings sound familiar. I played a lot of hours of Fallout 3 (PS3) and it's set in post-nuclear war DC; a lot of the travel between destinations are through subway tunnels. :)

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hogsman said...

man, that sounds like a fun trip -- wife & i have wanted to visit d.c. for a long time, but the kids aren't old enough yet to keep up with all the walking/sightseeing we'd want to do.