Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jury Duty, Day 2


Back for more. I think they will direct some more questions to the new batch of jurors this morning including me. I think if we get rejected by either the judge or the two attorneys today, we get to go home.



No such luck. I got selected to be on the jury for this case. I did meet an ex-coworker; she was selected as an alternate juror for the same case. Right now we're on lunch break. I drove to Mos in Santa Ana to get lunch and it took longer than I thought. Good thing we have almost two hours for lunch. Anyway, I'm stuck here for the week.



Afternoon break. This is pretty tedious stuff. The lawyers are not as good as they're portrayed on TV.



Like yesterday, we stopped promptly at 4:30pm today. I drove straight to work and got there at around 5:05pm and took care of some emails and report requests.

I think I'm going to stop blogging about jury duty until after the trial since I can't say anything about the case... and there's really nothing interesting about it anyway.

Superior Court of California - County of Orange

Part of the Jury Assembly Room on the 3rd floor of the court building


hogsman said...

did you get the teriyaki chicken?

totochi said...

Yup. I got #1, no skin, to go. :)