Sunday, October 18, 2009

Singing in the Rain

This is crazy... and dangerous. There is a lot of expensive sound equipment just waiting to short out, not to mention shock and/or electrocute performers and technicians. I used to run sound for a small/medium church and our 3 power amps require 28A at 110VAC. The KBS setup must use hundreds of amps of current. I dunno... maybe they managed to waterproof everything.

A sprinkling of rain is okay; this looks like a thunderstorm with mini-waterfalls coming off the stage. And who are those crazy fans? I would have gone home a long time ago. Hmm, I think my dream job is no longer being a sound guy in Korea. :(

Somebody call a rain delay! Isn't it cold mid-October in Korea? At least they're not wearing white hot pants and high heels like SNSD. [replaced video on 12/11/09; previous account was suspended]

BabyVOX from 2004. Seems like they hold a lot of concerts in the rain in Korea.

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