Sunday, October 25, 2009

DC/NYC Trip, DFW Layover

I like DFW airport. It's one of two places that American Airlines connects all their flights through and it's much better than Chicago O'Hare. They even have free Internet access thought it's not wireless. Right now I have about 15 minutes before my flight boards.

Long story short, I walked a lot this weekend. My legs are still crazy sore from walking around DC and NYC. Let's see... after arriving my myself at Dulles on Friday, I took the Washington Flyer bus to the metro and found my way to The Mall. I walked around for a bit, got tickets for the Washington Monument, and took some pictures at the Air & Space Museum. Afterward, I checked in to our hotel and waited for James & Elim. The rest of the day we walked and took pictures around The Mall and Jefferson Memorial and took a night tour of all the major monuments. We were worried about rain but it ended up raining only at the end of our tour.

The next day we went back to The Mall and hit some of the museums. Most of the time was spent at the Air & Space Museum where we watched two IMAX shows. Since James & Elim spent a lot of time at the Met in NYC, we skipped the art museums and went to the National Archives, like Nicholas Cage. We also took a look inside the Museum of Natural History but it was really crowded and chaotic. Finally, this morning we left DC at ~7am since we had to return the rental car in Manhattan. It was about a 4 hour ride so I got a 45 car tour of mid-town NYC and we walked around for about 2 hours. I took a lot of photos.

The last part of the trip was pretty lame though. We decided to take the subway to Jamaica Station and catch the AirTrain to JFK. However, the E train switched tracks (it was running on the F track) and there was no notice. After four consecutive C trains went by, I found out about the switch. By then, 45 minutes had passed and we were running like crazy to catch the N train to get to the E train running on the F track.

Arg! They just announced that my flight is going to be delayed until 10pm (35 minutes late) since the flight crew arriving on another flight are delayed. I hope they don't delay any further; I have jury duty very early tomorrow.

Anyway, back to NYC. So we finally found the E train but it was running the "local" schedule which meant it stopped at all 23 stations between 34th Street and Jamaica Station. We entered the subway system at 2:15pm and didn't get to Jamaica Station until 2 hours later. Running out of the station (AirTrain was too slow), we found an unmarked cab who agreed to take us to JFK (10-15 minutes) for $20. We ended up arriving at JFK Terminal 3 (Delta) at 4:30pm for a 4:50pm flight; I still don't know if they caught their flight. For another $5, the driver dropped me off at Terminal 8 and I was one of the last people to board my flight (they boarded early for once). So after all that running around, I'm just sitting here at gate D21 waiting for my next flight.

In hindsight, I probably should have just ditched James & Elim in DC and flew back home from IAD or DCA instead of JFK. Well, at least I got some photos:

Lincoln Tunnel. The toll was $8!

Chrysler Building

UN Building next to the East River

Guggenheim Museum

NASDAQ display at Time Square. Since it was Sunday, there weren't any stock quotes.

Random people at Time Square

Rockefeller Center (GE Tower?), home of NBC

Skating rink in the Rockefeller Center

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