Friday, October 2, 2009

Sexual Harassment

I had to stay a bit later at work on Wednesday to complete an online sexual harassment training course. The bill requiring this in California (AB 1825) was passed in 2007 but we've had these courses for quite awhile now. It helps the company with CYA in case there's a complaint and lawsuit.

Coincidentally, there's recent news that David Letterman admitted on-air that he had sex with his staffer(s) in response to an alleged blackmail threat. If he had taken the training class, he would know this is a huge no-no and potentially a big problem for the CBS legal department. I guess New York is not really Hollywood but hopefully no one was using Letterman as a "moral compass". Let's see if he continues to makes statutory rape jokes anymore.

I used to watch his show back in college. During my freshman year, we would wait up each night to catch the Top 10 List. This was when he was still at NBC and his show aired after Johnny Carson at 12:30am. As I grew older and (hopefully) wiser, I found him to be boring and really not funny. Even though his show is on at 11:30pm now, I haven't watch it in many many years.

And yes, I know Paul Schaffer is Canadian. He's not that funny either... he's actually quite irritating.

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