Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Downloading from YouTube

There seems to be a constant battle between YouTube and developers that write programs to download vides from YouTube. I guess last night's YouTube update disabled downloading again. I've been using YouTube Downloader 2.51 and it stopped working today. I updated the version to 2.52 but I think it only addresses the previous YouTube update on Oct 4.

Sometimes I wish I studied programming so I can write apps too. I took Pascal(!), C/C++, and LISP but that's ancient history.

I was trying to download these two videos of Brown Eyed Girls before they got deleted.

Uptown Girl. The bass player does a pretty good job singing backup vocals. I could never sing and play bass at the same time.

You Raise Me Up. Miryo can sing!

They were in New York earlier this month and did a outdoor concert for Chuseok. COME TO LA!


Sigh... another one. I may have to upload stuff I downloaded from YouTube directly to Blogger. It just takes so much processing time to convert large video files so they come under the 100MB limit.

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