Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm going to 2010 KMF

When the artists were first announced for this year, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. Now that KARA will be there and Leon is interested, we're going. I'm just waiting to see if Sunny (Korean ex-coworker) wants to go as well. She doesn't listen to K-pop but likes Kim Jong Kook when he was in Turbo many years ago.

The forum where I found my tickets last year still has some available but no one is selling at a discount yet. I got $125 tickets for $75 last year. This year, the prices have gone up so terrace boxes are $150 face value. However, Korea Times improved their online purchase website and there are plenty of seats left.

Each year, they invite a lot of different artists. Here are the ones I am interested in seeing:

KARA (hopefully Nicole will speak some English as MC)

Wonder Girls (Sun Mi, the one on the very right, was just replaced with another girl)

2PM (without Jaebeom on the far left)

Kim Jong Kook (just came out with 6th solo album after serving in the army)

BEAST (new group... I haven't listened to any of their songs)

Leessang (never listened to them either)

Park Jung Ah. She's a member of Jewelry but they won't be there. I posted her picture because she's pretty... and for some reason, going out with Gil, the guy on the right in Leessang.

There are a couple of more artists that I've heard of (Haha, Lee Eum-Mi) and a few more that I haven't. I think it will be a good show. This time I'll bring my dad's Panasonic camera with an 18x lens to shoot some better vids.


Speaking of K-pop concerts, JYP (Park Jin Young) is coming to LA with 2AM (not to be confused with 2PM) in late May. I didn't like him at first but after watching him on a few variety shows, he seems pretty cool. For hardcore fans, there's a $300 VIP package that includes front row seats at the Palladium, some trinkets, but most importantly, a private party after the show. I wonder how many people will buy that package.

Jo Kown of 2AM singing with Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls. They're a "couple" in a fake marriage show and this song was part of an episode. I think I would pay $300 to watch/meet the Brown Eyed Girls if they came to LA to perform.

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