Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Photos...

I was looking through old (analog) photos and decided to scan a few into the computer.

Kindergarten graduation photo. No idea who the other 16 students are. I wonder if they're all still in Taiwan or if some of them emigrated to the US/Canada as well.

My car during freshman year at UCLA. It didn't like going faster than 60 mph.

Some friends from across the hallway during freshman year. This was the living room of the apartment I shared with Haley and Eric. From L to R: Ha, Marie(?), and Craig. I'm looking for Craig if anyone's seen him.

I took this when I visited a friend's dorm room (really, it's not my desk). I wonder if he still has those calendars.

USC MBA orientation departure. We were boarding buses for Lake Arrowhead. Can't believe it's been 17 years. Recently a coworker decided to quit finance and go to grad school for interior design after working for 4 years. I was only 25 when I started the MBA program.

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