Monday, April 26, 2010

Edited Out

KARA is on episode 280 of Star Golden Bell. This originally aired in Korea on March 27th, 2010.

The interesting thing is that they completely (almost) edited out Kim Taehyun from the episode. He got into a fight and beat up some guy (I'm assuming that he didn't hit a girl). Since this happened after the show was originally aired, they would have taped the show normally while usually mean quite a few lines from Taehyun.

Star Golden Bell typically runs a few minutes longer than an hour but I noticed that this episode was a bit shorter. In the "Back to Basics" segment, the highlight would be Taehyun competing against the 6 year old girl. This time, the entire exchange was cut out. He was only visible for a few seconds because they moved him to the front row during another segment.

KBS World is translated and shown outside of Korea. I don't know if a lot of people knows about he fighting story that KBS had to cut him out of this episode. I'm going to try and find the original Korean broadcast to see how much was edited out.


Oops, I was wrong. The news was from March 24th and he was already edited out of the Korean broadcast. I guess they taped the episode earlier. I'll bet he won't be in future episodes.


I checked the main KBS website in Korea and it appears Kim Taehyun is not on the cast list for the next 2 episodes. Too bad...

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